Project Management Without The Management

KATA streamlines all the tools, processes, status pings, and spreadsheets previously required for your builder teams to stay aligned.


Activity monitoring, task management, and issue tracking tools don't have the answers

For the project owners, project managers, and delivery managers, KATA is the single source of truth for responding to the most frequently asked questions of any project or initiative: How’s it going? Who’s working on it? What are the critical discussions & decisions? Why does it matter?

Project Managers

  • Create projects in a 🫰
  • KATA curates all of the info & insights across tools to drive project success effectively
  • Status reports take 5 mins to write and achieve stakeholder nirvana
Project Managers

Project Teams

  • Lightweight social protocol keeps IC’s in their tools, uninterrupted
  • KATA automatically memorializes tribal knowledge, putting it at your IC’s fingertips
  • Ramp up/finding things time goes away “It’s in KATA”
Project Teams


  • Goal-to-project mapping in a 🫰
  • Visibility into high-impact projects without disrupting anyone
  • Get caught up quickly with centralized decision logs & demos

Keep your teams in flow, in their preferred tools

KATA non-disruptively aggregates work activity data, artifacts, and critical human context into a central hub of progress that increases visibility, accelerates alignment, and improves decision-making.

Kata Tools diagram

Is the cost to obtain, communicate, and update project status wearing down your team?