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Our mission

At DreamTeam, we’re on a mission to unleash all the encumbered innovation pent up in tech organizations. We help you tap into your team so your people do work that matters – and avoid work that doesn’t.

In fact, one of our core beliefs is that return on effort trumps return on investment when measuring a team’s performance.


"I've been on some pretty fast moving engineering teams at fast moving companies like Snap and Amazon. Time and time again, the bottlenecks and problems all came back to how information flow was broken across the organization.

DreamTeam was born from the idea that instead of adding more tools and processes, perhaps the answer was to take it back to first principles. Focus on reflecting how stuff actually gets done. Ignore traditional tools, org charts and process boundaries. If we do that, could we change how information flows and make orgs more effective? And if we could do that at scale, we could change the world for the better!”

Brent Barkman, Founder


image of our second investor
image of our second investor
image of our second investor

Advisory team: Executives from Snap, Google, Shopify, PayPal, & Microsoft.

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