Modern Project Management for Builders

KATA is your project management power tool. It automates the coordination, alignment, and status update grunt work so your team can focus on shipping killer products.

It’s project management without the management

KATA delivers the highest value aspects of project management in a single platform – Status, Visibility, Context, and Goal Alignment – WITHOUT the tedious overhead required to extract the same information from other tools.

Existing project management tools aren't getting it done

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Leaders LACK visibility to effectively operate & support their team

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Middle managers LACK the precision tooling to ensure execution success while giving leaders the visibility they need

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Individual Contributors LACK the time required to manually fill in the gaps

...and it only gets worse in a distributed environment

Enter KATA

Supercharge your project management capabilities. Get back to building.
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Interested in less check-in meetings, status pings, rework, and double entry status bookkeeping?