Build More, Update Less

KATA is the alignment power tool for your organization, connecting work to projects to goals across tools. Fewer meetings, sync-ups, status pings and waste. More focus, coordination, decisions, and speed. Do your best work, async.

KATA makes your R&D org better

KATA is the single place to find everything that’s happening, how it’s going, and why it matters. It cuts through the noise and lets people focus on priorities, not distractions.

Information flows across teams are broken

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Leaders LACK visibility to effectively operate & support their team

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Middle managers LACK the precision tooling to ensure execution success while giving leaders the visibility they need

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Individual Contributors LACK the time required to manually fill in the gaps

...and it only gets worse in a distributed work environment

Enter KATA

Mission control for your product and engineering teams
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Do you want to spend more time building and less time updating?