Achieve more,without hiring more

Your team is moving fast, but not always in the same direction. KATA effortlessly aligns your org, providing insights into what’s actually happening. Make execution a competitive advantage.

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KATA is the single place to find everything that’s happening, how it’s going, and why it matters. It cuts through the noise and lets people focus on priorities, not distractions.

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Stay fast & lean at any scale

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Return on Effort

See how much effort you’re investing in each project and goal in real time. Spot problems earlier so you waste less and win more.

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Break down silos between teams so they see where their work fits into larger business objectives. Make better decisions with less status meetings.

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KATA merges accountability, efficiency, and vision for leaders and teams. So you can stay focused, at scale.


At Shopify, we obsessed about staying fast as we grew. So much so that we built our own internal tool to create a social protocol for work. Everyone, from the intern to the CEO, used the same tool to see who’s working on what and why. It made us 10x better. KATA is the new, improved version of that tool. Now available for everyone, and more deeply connected to the tools teams work in.

Jean-Michel Lemieux, former CTO at Shopify and VP Engineering at Atlassian

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