DreamTeam | The "how work really happens" execution platform
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The "how work really happens" execution platform

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Vaporize Status Meetings

Get what you need, when you need it, where you want it, and go deeper with ease. No more readout meetings and impossible to manage spreadsheets!
Talk about what matters!


Simplify the Saas Mess

Pull the meaning from the chaos without changing the way you work.
Manage less, lead more!


Automate Focus, Automatically

Cut through the noise and make it easy to work on the right things. Get everyone going in the same direction without sacrificing the speed of autonomy.
Eliminate wasted effort!

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Empower Individual Growth

It starts with people; align individual incentives to align the whole group. Put the gift back into feedback by making it actionable, data-driven, bias free, and timely.
Showcase your best you!

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Not your average work app...