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We're always hiring for eng, product, and design

  • You relish ambiguity, and like the notion of minimum viable process.
  • You consider yourself to be very good to expert level in any technology, design, or product domain.
  • You are a builder at heart, and think that extends beyond writing code, product specs, Figma designs or user studies.
  • You are mission driven. You have lots of choices on where to work, you want to make a difference in something you believe in.
  • You are opinionated about developing software and how organizations that develop software organize and operate.
  • You wish Jira delivered on it's promise.
  • You dislike writing performance reviews and the process by which tech promotions happen.
  • You are excited to build software that your peers at other tech coompaniess will use daily.
  • You wonder why the way software organizations operate hasn’t changed in 20+years. You feel there’s got to be a better way, and you want to create it.
  • You want to help shape the company, culture, AND product. You don't want "just another job."


We are looking for high potential people and don’t believe you can define them with specific criteria (or algorithmic interview questions!). We want folks who’ve felt the pain in how current tech companies operate and want to solve these problems. If this is you, hit us up at, we’d love to meet you!

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A small group with a huge mission!

  • Early stage, fast-moving startup with a big mission === all of the ownership with none of the BS. We are building the software we wished we had when building and leading teams at companies like Snap, Twitter, Gusto, Twilio, and Amazon.
  • Obsessed with building an inclusive, diverse, high-performance culture.
  • Backed by amazing investors and angels that lead engineering organizations at companies you use daily.
  • Working on meaningful, ambiguous, widely applicable problems. We're building a generational company.
  • Huge believers in "hire smart mission-driven people and work closely together to solve the hardest, most nuanced problems."
  • Believe being passionate about what you work on includes enjoying (read: having fun!) where you work on it.
  • Building the reference implementation for how to do things better as an organization. It starts with us.


Tech Stack: Typescript throughout, React FE, GraphQL API layer, full serverless AWS BE with CI/CD. We’re building cutting-edge SaaS delivery mechanisms.

Hybrid office model in Seattle, Boulder, and Denver.

Competitive salary and equity, and best-in-class healthcare benefits. 401K available.

Visa sponsorship possible.

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